You’re Not Alone

A reminder from everyone at Kuda.

This isn’t about security features, saving money or creating a budget for the month. It’s not about free transfers, debit cards, international payments or politics either.

Those are all good or at least useful things, but this is a different matter altogether.

Today, we just want to know how you’re doing, how you feel and how your family is.

We want you to be fine, and the least we can do is ask how things are with you.

Most of us at Kuda have suffered our (always unfair) share of police brutality in some form or the other.

Its depressing, unsettling and unacceptable but we can’t let our trauma paralyse us.

We have chosen to get up and look out for one another, for our future, for our country.

It’s time to be a family, not just strangers connected by transactions, and we want to contribute to your safety.

A while ago, we designed Private Mode to help you keep your money safe from extortionists and other criminals but there’s more for us to do now.

This week, Kuda staff have contributed to provide free emergency medical services in rotation at locations where they are most needed across Lagos — the epicenter of the movement against police brutality in Nigeria.

Free for all. 💜

These medical services are available to everyone who needs them, no exceptions, and we will sustain our efforts for as long as we can.

Kuda means ‘love’, and the only way to be who we say we are is to love everyone.

Our mission is humanitarian.

You will always find us where people are in need, helping out in all the ways we can, whether with free transfers, with free medical services or just reminders that you’re not alone.

We’ll say it again, you’re not alone.

Family isn’t about blood ties, it’s about who cares, so we’re sending our love and backing it with action. 💜

Do the same for someone near you and please stay safe wherever you are.

Love always,

The Kuda Team

We’re the bank of the free.