What’s In The Kuda Budget Update?

Much more than a budget tracker.

Updates will always cost you data.

But some updates are too important to ignore: they’re worth their weight in data.

The Kuda Budget Update is that kind.

Let’s get into what’s coming soon.

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“Money, money, money.”

An Eye On Your Money

Who doesn’t like to know where their money is really going?

We’ve added a basic budget tracker to the app to help you keep a close eye on your finances.

It’s still early days for this feature and like everything else we’re building, it’s definitely going to get better as we go along. You can look forward to that.

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Look ma, no card.

Without A Card

Cardless Withdrawal lets you withdraw cash from your Kuda account at an ATM without a debit card or even send money to anyone.

It’s really simple stuff:

You decide the amount you want to send, create a cash-out PIN and get a payment code.

You can withdraw money with your cash-out PIN and payment code or you can send your PIN and code to anyone you’re paying and they’ll get cash at an ATM.


Waiting for a code (aka One-Time Password, aka OTP) to confirm a transfer or payment is a waste of time. That’s why we’ve added a secure transaction PIN feature for all your future confirmations.

No matter the amount, your transaction PIN is all you need.

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You’ll never be in the dark.

Referred 1, 2, 3…

Of course, you need to know how many of your friends and family have joined Kuda because of you. There’s a referral tracker for that now.

In a glance, you’ll be able to see how many referrals you’ve made and how many free transfers or how much money we’ve sent you for spreading the word about Kuda.

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You’re in charge.

Controller General

Everyone should have Card Control. Now, you will.

It’s a smart feature that lets you choose where your Kuda Card works. Online, ATM, POS? You decide.

Honourable Mention

Simpler account upgrades are coming, you’ll now be able to remove any card you use to add money to your account and iPhone users are getting some 3D Touch magic on the app.

We’ll give you a shout as soon as the update arrives. Please, keep a lookout. ✌🏾

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