We Modified Our Referral Program

Slight changes to stop mischievous people.

How to share your referral code.

Our referral program has been a way to spread the news about Kuda and reward everyone who invites their friends to join us, and we’re grateful to everyone who has been inviting their actual friends legitimately.

In recent weeks, we noticed that certain people have been attempting to game our referral system by using spam email addresses and other people’s BVNs to open accounts.

All these accounts were spotted in good time by our internal control process and they will be locked and blacklisted.

To prevent further attempts of this kind, we’re restricting all referrals to upgraded accounts.

What does this mean for you?

1. To get paid for referring anyone, your Kuda account must be upgraded — your BVN confirmed and a valid ID added to your profile.

2. Your referrals will only count if the people who sign up with your referral code also confirm their BVN and add a valid ID to their Kuda profile.

Everyone is welcome to make referrals and make money from us, but we will not tolerate attempts to game our system through impersonation or other ways.

Impersonation is a crime!

Please, follow the referral rules to avoid prosecution.

Thank you.

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