We Made Saving Money Simpler

Spend+Save on Kuda is the hands-free way to save more.

As long as you’re living on this planet, you’re going to need to spend money at some point.

That’s the indisputable fact that got us on the path to figuring out a way to help anyone save money without necessarily changing their spending habit.

That path led to Spend+Save, a Kuda feature that’s one of the simplest ways to save. We mean that.

Safety net, emergency fund or backup money.

If you use Kuda, you probably already know how Spend+Save works. If you don’t, it’s one more reason to download the app and open an account.

We’ll explain.

In the Savings section of the Kuda app, you can set a percentage to save every time you spend directly from your Kuda account (pay bills, buy airtime and internet data, and send money).

The app automatically moves that preset percentage (of what you spend) to your Spend+Save sub-account which you can withdraw from absolutely any time.

Withdrawing from your Spend+Save sub-account means moving money from there to your spending (or main) account.

You can think of Spend+Save as an automated emergency fund or a store for backup money. Either way, it’s always a relief to know money has been saved for you.

The feature has gotten rave reviews since we launched it.

Some people have even said that they always assume they’re broke till they tap Save on their Kuda app and see their Spend+Save balance. 😌

We could keep going, but using Spend+Save is the best way to see how much of a difference it can make in your finances.

Follow this guide to turn it on now and let’s know how you like it. 💜

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