Two-Minute Updates

Happy New Month!

We’re just a couple of days into October and it’s a good time to remind you to create a budget for the month on Kuda, self-care spending included.

That reminder aside, we have a couple of quick but important updates you shouldn’t miss:

End-Of-Year Safety

The ember months are notorious in more ways than one and this isn’t the time of the year for anyone to be carefree with their security.

The usual annual safety tips include carrying very little cash around and keeping your banking details private, but we’ve moved even further to help you protect your money.

Get familiar with using Private Mode on Kuda to keep your account information to yourself.

No funny business allowed.

You can hide your account balance from unnecessarily curious people and set up a panic balance to confuse anyone who may try to extort you.

PS. Always look out for the red flags here.

Kuda On Binance

Binance, the popular cryptocurrency exchange, recently added Kuda as a payment option for peer-to-peer (P2P) trading on its platform.

This means that anyone buying or selling cryptocurrency through P2P trading on Binance can choose to pay or receive payments with a Kuda account.

The option for quick P2P payments.

Thanks to the speed of opening a Kuda account and making Kuda-to-Kuda transfers, we’re the first Nigerian bank included in Binance’s P2P payment options.

Explore P2P trading on Binance here.

Weekends are weekends again, kind of. Go out and enjoy this one. 💜

We’re the bank of the free.

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We’re the bank of the free.

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