The New Kuda Is Faster, Safer And More Useful

Our latest update is all about speed, security and convenience.

In these uncertain and frightening times, giving up seems like the easiest thing to do.

But if you have even the tiniest bit of hope that we’ll get through this, you’re not alone. We’re all in this together.

We intend to keep running like it’s a normal world, and that means we’ll keep improving your Kuda experience with regular updates, and there’s a big one on the way.

The latest version of the app is ready and we’re really optimistic that you’ll love what we’ve done.

Let’s take you on the grand tour!

2 Fast, 2 Luscious

Even the most beautiful apps still need to be fast enough for human impatience, so we sped things up considerably and now your dashboard loads twice as fast as before.

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How did we do this?

Instead of trying to retrieve everything in your transaction history when you sign in (which can be a drag), the app now retrieves your most recent transactions and loads the rest quietly in the background. Solved!

For Your Eyes Only

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People are naturally curious, and not always in a good way. Our all-new Private Mode feature is for times you don’t feel like sharing the state of your finances with a curious world.

Essential Bills

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Paying bills isn’t fun, but at least you should be able to do it comfortably. We’ve added more commonly paid bills to the app so you never have to go elsewhere to sort out your life.

Cards Home Makeover

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The Cards section of the app has a new look, and now you can tap an image of your card to see your card details — easier when you want to pay online.

We also moved the Cardless Withdrawal feature to this section to keep it in the family, so to say.

Guided Upgrades

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With multiple long numbers on some IDs, knowing the right number to type in during an account upgrade can be hard.

Not anymore though.

Every ID we accept for upgrades now has a sample image on the app with the right number highlighted.

Special Effects

*insert imagination*

We’ve updated our button style and made a few tweaks to the app’s aesthetics. It may not hit you immediately, but you’ll notice the flair eventually.

Next? Get the update on Google Play or the App Store now!

Love from the team.

Stay safe!

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