The Habits Of A Kuda Pro

How to get the best out of your money with the app.

Everyone is welcome to use Kuda however they like, but we must say that we built this bank for you to do a lot more than just send money and buy airtime.

Our dream is that you’ll become a pro at getting the most out of your money with the app.

To help you understand what we mean, let’s highlight some of the habits of a Kuda pro that you can pick up right away.

1. Creates a budget every month and tracks their spending.

Most people agree that without a budget, it’s very likely that they’ll spend more than they should and run out of money.

So we baked a budgeting feature into the app to keep your money at eye level, helping you see where it goes and how much you can afford to spend every day.

Create a budget now and stick to it.

2. Has Spend+Save turned on.

Spend+Save is a Kuda exclusive we’re really proud of.

It’s arguably the easiest way for anyone to save money because it automatically puts away a percentage of anything you spend from your account (when you send money, pay bills or buy airtime) so you always have backup money.

And the best part? You can withdraw from your Spend+Save sub-account whenever you want.

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The easiest way to save.

Here’s how to turn on Spend+Save.

3. Organises spending into categories regularly.

It’s not enough to create a budget.

Take your personal finance management further by organising all your spending on the app into categories.

Whenever you send money on the app, you’ll get a prompt to choose a category for the transfer. Don’t ignore it, please. It helps with financial clarity.

4. Fixes lump sums for maximum interest.

If you’ve never used Fixed Savings on Kuda, now is the time to start.

It doesn’t matter how much you have to begin with. What’s important is that you’ll be getting up to 15% interest every year if you commit to saving for the long term. Hello, emergency fund.

Start your Fixed Savings here.

5. Always gets support on the app.

Every now and then, you may need help with the app or have a question. And while it’s okay to tweet us or send a DM, it’s way more effective to chat with us right on the app.

All you have to do is send us a message and someone on our end will reply you as soon as possible. There’s really nothing we can’t fix for you with a chat.

You can also report an error on a particular transaction right on your Kuda dashboard. This is how to do it in seconds.

One more thing:

A Kuda pro always uses the Help Centre. That’s the ultimate skill, really.

Get familiar with Kuda and it could make your life easier!

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