Surrender, We’re Invading Your Browser!

Kuda for Web has arrived.

“Who needs a bank that works on any web browser, from laptops to tablets to phones?”

You do!

Wait, hear us out. Let’s make a case for this.

1. What if you misplace your phone or it grows legs and walks away?

All your apps will disappear with the phone, including your bank app, at least until you can get a new phone and download them again.

That’s inconvenient, and Kuda for Web makes sense instantly.

No phone? No big deal.

You can sign in to your Kuda account safely at on any other connected device (like your work computer) with your email address and Kuda password, and check your account balance to see how much you can afford to spend on a new phone.

You can even pay a bill and initiate a cardless withdrawal while you’re at it.

Now you’re thinking, “Who even needs a phone?”

2. What if you want to see your massive account balance on a massive screen?

Yes, it’s vanity but who are we to tell you how to stroke your ego?

With Kuda for Web, boom, that’s your Supersized HD Account Balance™.

You can’t miss that balance.

We also included your savings balance and your searchable transaction history, just as they are on the mobile app. We didn’t ruin the experience for you.

And as much as you’re proud of your account balance, it’s for your eyes only. That’s why we added that clever Hide Balance feature to Kuda for Web.

Don’t say we’re not always thinking about you.

3. What if you’re so used to managing your money with a spreadsheet on a computer that you need your bank app to be as versatile and detailed?

You’re not weird, just financially mindful. And kinda weird.

We designed the incredibly detailed Budgeting feature on Kuda for Web so you’ll never miss spreadsheets again in your natural life.

Dive deep into your money.

You can create a budget, see how money has been flowing in and out of your account, and go over your spending habits by category.

We could swear you’ve never seen your money like this before.

There are several other reasons (dark mode, for example) to get addicted to using Kuda for Web and you can find them at

Tap that link and tweet us your #KudaForWeb reviews!

We’re the bank of the free.