See Where Your Money Went In 2019

Meet your Kuda Spending Report™.

‘Money slow to enter, quick to go’ is a valid Nigerian(?) expression for a reason: it’s really easy to spend hard-earned money anyhow. 🙆🏾

So you can’t blame us for being obsessive about helping you save more and track your spending in detail with a smart budget and now, with the all-new Kuda Spending Report™.

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They call it ‘cash flow’ for a reason.

What Is It?

Like the name says, your Kuda Spending Report™ is an eye-opening visual summary of your spending and saving habits.

It includes highlights like the top places your money went, the banks you sent money to most frequently and your top spending categories. You really, really have to see it for yourself.

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You’ve been busy, haven’t you?

Why Should I Care?

We’re pretty sure your Kuda Spending Report™ will give you a clearer picture of your financial decisions and help you make better money moves in 2020. Or at the very least, it’ll nudge you in the right direction.

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Did you save? Did you?

How Do I Get It?

(When you request it,) we generate your Kuda Spending Report™ almost instantly with a sprinkle of smart tech and send you a private link to it in an email.

This will never happen unless you make a request, so you can be sure that we’re not analysing your finances (or making fun of your purchases) behind your back. Your information is safe with us and we’ll never share it.

Request your 2019 Kuda Spending Report™ here now and see where your money went. 💜

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