Put Your Money Where Your Dreams Are

Being financially responsible isn’t hard anymore.

It’s the second weekend of November and you don’t need a reminder that 2019 is almost done.

You also don’t need the pressure that comes with being asked how much you’ve saved this year, even if that’s the kind of question banks (and saving apps) like to ask.

What you need is a pep talk, a little motivation to get you going, and we have a dose of that medicine.

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One switch is all this takes.

Be Deliberate

This isn’t the same thing as being stingy to yourself. (That’s just suffering.)

Spending deliberately means planning where your money goes, as much as you can control.

Even the most basic kind of budget can make a difference in your life:

1. Your finances will be more organised.

2. You’ll be able to separate your wants from your needs clearly.

3. You’ll be less likely to spend on impulse.

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A little at a time till you get to your goal.

Be Kind To Yourself

If you’ve been struggling to save, well, you’re not the only one. And maybe trying to do it by yourself isn’t the best move you can make.

Get help by automating your savings. This is a very familiar song but it’s also a fact.

Self-discipline isn’t always enough to help you put some money away when you should. That’s why we designed Spend+Save, Flexible Savings and Fixed Savings. These are the automatic options we all need to make up for our natural human weakness and save more frequently.

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Money grows wings. Put a leash on it.

Take The Step

The journey to having backup money really does begin with one step: creating a plan to save.

Taking that step is as simple as turning on Spend+Save, setting up a goal with Flexible Savings (up to 10% annual interest) or putting a lump sum under lock and key with Fixed Savings (up to 15% annual interest).

Whichever you choose, you’ll be putting your money where your dreams are and that’s the responsible thing to do. 💜

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