Payment Links, A Card Tracker And More Joys

There’s a loaded Kuda update around the corner.

There’s nothing like a new version of Kuda to put us in an amazing mood, and we’re really thrilled about this one because some parts of it have been a long time coming.

Let’s unpack these joys right away.

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Link to cash, straight up.

Payment Links

Everyone needs options in life, so we added another way to send money and pay people. A Payment Link is a pretty simple to create and share with anyone who owns a smartphone, and whoever you send money to can receive it with a Kuda account.

Card Tracker

This one was always a matter of when, not if. Before now, finding out where your Kuda Card is meant sending a message and stressing over it a bit. Well, not anymore. You can now track the journey of your card from request to delivery on the app. You’ll never have to ask any questions again, ever.

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“Where’s my card?”

Change Your Account Name

Your Kuda account name is automatically filled in from your Bank Verification Number (BVN) details. But people aren’t always happy with the name selection or arrangement. For those people, we’ve opened up requests to change their account name. Of course, you can’t pick a name that isn’t legally yours. That would just be weird.

Transfer Categories

We send money for different things, so it only makes sense to be able to categorise transfers. More clarity to your finances.


Improving old things is as important to us as creating new ones, and we’re always revisiting the app design to make tweaks. We recently reordered the More section of the app and touched up the Payment Confirmation screen. Anything for a better Kuda experience.

Enough good stuff to make you update Kuda on your phone? We definitely believe so.

The update arrives in a few days. Keep a lookout. 💜

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