Make Better Money Decisions With Kuda For Web

If you can’t see your money clearly, you can’t manage it well.

Budgeting is more than telling yourself you have a spending limit and then trying hard not to exceed it. That’s just a struggle you can’t win.

That fact is what made us take a closer look at how people spend their money and set us on the path to designing simple yet smart tools to help everyone make better financial decisions.

In our scrutiny, we realised an important thing:

If you can’t see your money clearly, you can’t manage it well.

Armed with this commonsense wisdom, we took another crack at the Budget feature and expanded it significantly on Kuda for Web, particularly for people who have their money on their mind all day.

This is how deep it goes.

1. Create a budget.

It’d be strange not to be able to budget your spending with a feature called Budget, right?

Whether you’ve used Budget on the mobile app or not, this is straightforward: you decide how much you want to spend based on different transaction categories and the total amount will be your budget for the month.

As you spend your money, the app will let you know how you’re doing and how much you can afford to spend.

Think of it as a money conscience.

2. Dive into your transactions.

This is basic. Go deeper.

On the mobile and web apps, your transaction history is always on your dashboard. Sweet and easy stuff but that’s basic.

Tapping a particular transaction shows more details about it, including the category you assigned it to. Deeper, but you can go even further.

Budget takes things to a whole other level, showing you all your categorised transactions visually so you can easily see what’s taking the most of your money. You’re never going to miss a thing.

3. Analyse your account activity.

‘Analyse’ sounds heavy. Like you’re about to give yourself a headache. But that’s what spreadsheets do, not Kuda.

What Budget does is show you what you’ve been doing with your Kuda account graphically.

You’re never going to miss a thing.

This means that for a specific period of time you choose, you’ll be able to see:

  • How much ‘flowed’ into your account aka income.
  • How much you spent.
  • A comparison of your income and expenses.
  • A breakdown of your expenses by transaction category.

Even if you don’t have a budget, the reality of your financial situation will be as clear as day.

“How does all this help?”

Money habits are a real thing, and the more you know about your money, the better you’ll be at managing it.

We’re quite proud of what we’ve done with Budget, but we’ll be even more proud when you use it the way we intended it to be used.

Sign in to Kuda for Web at now, tap the Budget button and see your money like never before.

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