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It’ll look even better on your phone.

Hi there,

We’ve got big news!

All of us at Kuda HQ are really grateful that you’ve waited patiently as we designed a better bank for you (and ourselves too, of course).

We’re not quite done with it, but a beta version of Kuda is now available to everyone who joined the waitlist before August 5! 🎉🎈🍾

For everyone else, please join the waitlist now to get an invite.

Need To Know:

This beta version is a pre-release form of Kuda for testing. It works, but it may behave a little strange sometimes. When it does, please tell us so we can fix whatever is wrong before everyone gets the final version. We’re building this together, remember? :)

On to the best part, here’s a preview of the things you can do on the beta version of Kuda:

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Quite a lot to begin with, right? 😅

And even though it’s still early days, people are already falling in love with the app and raving about the Kuda Experience.

There’s still a lot to come.

If you haven’t, get on the waitlist, follow us on social media and let’s build the best bank in Africa together!


The Kuda Team

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We’re the bank of the free http://kudabank.com

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