Infrequently Asked Questions

Wouldn’t you like to know more about Kuda?

There are no silly questions, people are just impatient sometimes.

But since we’re not those people, we’ve put together a bunch of questions we don’t get asked too often and answered them.

Let’s see how much is new to you.

Why can’t I take screenshots on the Android app?

*iPhone users have left the chat*

You can’t because we built in an optional Android security feature called FLAG_SECURE (this is the tech jargon you don’t need) that blocks screenshots and screen recordings.

But we also made sure you can share transaction receipts, which is the most common reason for taking screenshots on any banking app.

To share a receipt for any transaction, tap the transaction in your account history then tap Share in the upper right corner of your screen and choose how you want to share it.

Screenshot for what?

What does Kuda mean anyway?

Kuda means ‘love’ in Shona, a language spoken by the Shona people of Zimbabwe. It captures a large part of why we exist (the love of people, not money) and it has a nice ring to it. 💜

PS. We don’t have any known Zimbabwean connections beyond the name, but who says we won’t launch in Zimbabwe in the future? 🤞🏾

Do you have a vault for everyone’s money in your Yaba office?

No, we don’t.

Wait, why do you want to know? 🤔

Seriously, are you ever going to give loans?

Short answer: Yes, we are, and that’s soon.

Long(er) answer: Yes. We’re launching a feature called Kuda Overdraft that’ll let you borrow money whenever you need to as long as you use Kuda as your main account aka you use Kuda for transfers, airtime purchases, saving and bill payments regularly.

What bank owns Kuda?

Er, we own ourselves. We’re Kuda, the bank that owns Kuda. 🤷🏾‍♀️

PS. We trade as Kuda Microfinance Bank but that’s a mouthful.

See: “I use Kuda Microfinance Bank” versus “I use Kuda.” Short and sweet.

You’ve promised international cards, are you playing with my heart? 🥺

No, we’ll never play with your heart. We’re definitely, absolutely, totally launching international cards. We’ve even printed quite a number of them already.

Why did you lock my account? Answer me! 🤬

Hi *insert your name*,

Our fully automated and unbiased fraud prevention system flagged suspicious activity on your account and locked it to protect you and your money.

Please, don’t take this as an accusation of any kind. It’s just a security measure to avoid ‘Had I known’ and other stories that touch.

Please, send us a message and we’ll sort this out with you.

*sigh* What does “suspicious activity” even mean?

Everything you need to know about “suspicious activity” is here.

The Kuda Card design is amazing! How did you come up with it?

It’s a long story. Do you have time for this gist?

Why do I get so many notifications on the app?

That’s because you use the app a lot which is our dream come true.

They seem like a lot because you get two notifications every time you send money: one when the money leaves your Kuda account and another when it gets to the destination bank so you have peace of mind.

This was fun! Thank you for sticking around.

Enjoy your weekend and stay masked.

We love you!

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