If Your Kuda Card Goes Missing

Life happens, so we designed the Block Card feature.

Your debit card is just over 3 inches long and 2 inches wide. 🤏🏾

So, if it goes missing like small items tend to do, it’s not really your fault.

(Yes, we’re on your side.)

Until technology finally makes this piece of plastic obsolete, you have two options when you can’t find your Kuda Card:

1. Panic (and send out a search party). 😣

2. Block your card. 😌

Since panicking isn’t good for your heart and mental health, we’re going to assume that you’ll go with the much easier choice of blocking your card on the app.

To do that, open Kuda, tap Cards at the bottom of your dashboard then slide the Block Card toggle right.

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“What will happen?”

Your card, if found by a person with bad intentions, will be entirely unusable.

This means no one can use it at an ATM, on a POS or online.

It’s like tossing your money in a steel box, welding that box shut and sending it to Mars on an unmanned spaceship.🚀

Pretty extreme, definitely untouchable. Your money couldn’t be safer.

“But what if I find my card later?”

Best news ever! We’d be so happy for you.

If that happens, open the app, tap Cards at the bottom of your dashboard and slide the Block Card toggle left.

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The Ctrl+Z of cards.

Your card will be open for business again.

“I really looked but I didn’t find my card.”

That’s life. Don’t beat yourself up about it. 🙏🏾

Go to the Cards section again and, assuming you’ve already blocked your card, look for the red Cancel Card button and tap it.

We’ll check just to be sure you’re sure you really want to cancel your card.

As soon as you tap Yes to confirm, your card, wherever it is, will become a scrap of plastic that will hopefully be recycled.

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*in robotic voice* Turn card to scrap plastic?

You can then go ahead to request a replacement card and we’ll deliver it to you as usual.

You know we always have your back but, please, keep your card close. 💜

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