How To Pay Online From A Kuda Account

You can make web payments without a Kuda Card.

Websites that accept payments through Paystack have a ‘Pay With Bank’ option on their checkout page that allows you pay directly from your bank account.

And now, thanks to the Web Payment feature on Kuda, you can choose to pay with your Kuda account on those websites.

The steps are simple:

  1. When you’re checking out on a website that accepts payments through Paystack, choose the Pay With Bank option then choose ‘Kuda Bank’ as the bank to pay from, type in the phone number linked to your Kuda account and you’ll be asked to type in your Pay ID.
On any website that accepts payments through Paystack.

2. Next, open Kuda on your phone, tap Payments at the bottom of your dashboard then tap Web Payment.

Go to Payments on Kuda.

3. On the next screen, tap the Get Pay ID button, confirm (with Face ID, your fingerprint or your transaction PIN) and copy your Pay ID.

Get your Pay ID.

4. Go back to the website where you want to pay, paste your Pay ID then complete the payment.


Note: Your Pay ID expires after 10 minutes.

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