How To Crack Bad Eggs

Learn the methods, strengths and weaknesses of some common scammers.

The world has a serious scam problem.

From Brazil (where a banking computer virus has been designed to attract potential victims with pornographic material) to America (where there were over 300,000 recorded complaints about scam text messages in 2020 — double the number from 2019), banking scams have exploded globally and Nigeria isn’t left out.

This is alarming news but there’s a silver lining: The scammers (aka Bad Eggs™) mostly use the same methods over and over again.

With that in mind, our logic for helping you avoid scams is simple:

If you know the Bad Eggs™ and how they operate, it’d be hard for them to scam you.

Get familiar (from a safe distance) with these common scammers who work harder than the devil.

1. The SMS Scammer

Delete the text message.

Mode of Operation: Sends a text message (SMS) designed to look like it’s from a bank with a link to steal account details.

Strengths: Clever, good at imitating banks, relentless, hard to trace.

Weaknesses: Spelling errors in the text message, the link in the message always looks strange (eg., the sender ID is usually a random phone number (instead of the bank’s name).

Your Smart Move: Delete the message immediately, don’t tap the link.

2. The Ponzi Scammer

Don’t invest.

Mode of Operation: Sells investment schemes that are too good to be true on WhatsApp, Facebook or Telegram.

Strengths: Makes sweet promises, usually uses a familiar brand to look legitimate, creates a sense of urgency.

Weaknesses: The interest is always extreme (eg. “Invest 2,000 naira to get 50,000 naira in 30 days!”), always too urgent (eg. “Today is the last day to invest!!!”), usually doesn’t have a physical office.

Your Smart Move: Don’t reply, don’t send money to the scammer, leave any Telegram or WhatsApp group that looks suspicious immediately.

3. The Money Doubler

Don’t send money.

Mode of Operation: Advertises money-doubling opportunities online — social media, WhatsApp, Telegram and forums like Nairaland.

Strengths: Knows how to appear legitimate, advises you to start with a small amount so you’ll build trust, disappears quickly after receiving money.

Weaknesses: Never explains clearly how the money will be doubled, doesn’t have an office address.

Your Smart Move: Avoid anything that mentions money doubling online and offline. It’s always a scam.

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Take care. 💜

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