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We started a mental health series.

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How are you doing?

These days, the tiredness is psychological, physical and very real.

We feel it too and we wanted to help in some way, so we started a mental health series called ‘Good For You’.

For as long as we can, we’ll share tips and reminders like this on Twitter and Instagram to help you stay on track with doing things that are good for you.

We’re not healthcare professionals and we’re not trying to replace them, so if you feel burdened or exhausted, speak to a licensed therapist or a doctor right away.

Please, stick around for a couple of important updates.

Card News

Let’s get right to it: We’re launching virtual Kuda Cards in a little over a week.

Seeing as they don’t come in plastic, these cards are exclusively for online payments — no POS payments or ATM withdrawals.

If you don’t have your requested Kuda Card yet, please know that virtual cards are not intended to replace the physical cards.

We’ve always planned to issue virtual cards but we’ve had to fast-track that plan because production and delivery of our physical cards were slowed down by the unrest across the country in recent weeks.

We’re doing our best to dispatch cards as quickly as possible and we hope you’ll use your virtual card for some of your payment needs till we deliver your physical card.

Extra Peace

This is more a reminder than an update, but one of the ways to have a little more peace in your life is to have your finances in order.

The budget feature on your Kuda can help with that, and the end of the month is the perfect time to set up a budget.

The benefits are instant: You’ll have clearly defined limits for different spending categories, you’ll always know where your money is going and the app will let you know how well you’re managing your money.

Power move: Try budgeting with Kuda for Web. There’s nothing quite like it.

Take care. 💜

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