Borrow Without Shame

We don’t do that here.

You know who will never send embarrassing messages to your phone contacts about an unpaid loan?

Yup, that’s us. 😎

Kuda Overdrafts are a hundred percent free of shame, they also come at a low daily interest rate of 0.3% (of the amount you borrow).

We understand that life happens and you may not be able to pay back an overdraft right away, so we’ll nudge you privately when your repayment is overdue. No one else needs to know your business.

We also trust you to do what’s best for you, and that means keeping your line of credit from us open by paying back your overdraft as quickly as you can.

Pro tip: Overdrafts FAQs are good to know.

No questions, no paperwork, no shame.

“But I don’t have access to Overdrafts yet! 🤨

Your turn will come.

We’re opening up Overdrafts to more people every couple of weeks, so as long as you keep using your Kuda account regularly, you’ll be able to borrow money soon enough.

While we still have your attention, there are two things we’d like you to help us with:

👉🏾 Your Feedback

Please, take this survey to help us choose the next features to add to your Kuda. It won’t take long.

👉🏾 Your Vote

You have the power to get us into The Fintech Power 50, an exclusive programme for the most innovative fintechs in the world. Support us here. Thank you very much.

Take care. 💜

We’re the bank of the free.

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We’re the bank of the free.

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